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Before you begin, you need to agree to Beauty Garden's terms. 


These services are -BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- so if at the end of your online consultation you are satisfied with your result, quickly book with your stylist to set up a great date and time for your new look!

This will be a series of questions so we can determine what your hair type is, the proper length, what service you will need and so on and so fourth. 

This can take approximately 2-3 minutes to fully complete. 

Please note there are going to be parts to the question that you may need to fill out for additional information needed based on your individual need. 

This will give both of us clarity and guide you to your proper ESTIMATED total cost. (Again, please note that this estimated cost is not the accurate total cost. We require an In-Person Consultation for most accurate total cost.) 

Please note that you will also receive a FREE 15 minute In-Person Consultation before we begin any service so we are both on the same page and there are NO confusions. 

If you have any questions in advanced, you may via email OR Direct Message us on Instagram @Beauty_Garden_Edgewater 


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